The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 14 - 16, 2023

Justitia Awards 2023

celebrating outstanding women in law

nominations are open January 17 to March 31, 2023

Nominations 2023

The Justitia Awards honor outstanding women in law in one of three categories:
(1) international leaders / life time awards
(2) academia
(3) game changers / pioneers / young achievers

Nominations are open to all legal professions: lawyers, notaries public, in-house counsel, judges, researchers and scientists, civil servants, and all other fields of legal practice.


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International Leaders / Lifetime Award

This category celebrates the most talented and impactful women in the legal professions, recognizing their achievements and contributions to society. The nominee is “the” outstanding woman of the year, demonstrating excellence as the most innovative and groundbreaking lifetime achiever.


The nominee has made a significant impact, delivered qualitatively and/or quantitatively measurable tangible results relative to the invested resources, and influenced demonstrable changes in attitudes, beliefs, and practices towards gender equality in legal professions.

Game Changers / Pioneers / Young Achievers

The nominee is a game changer who has made an impact in the promotion of innovative approaches resulting in opportunities for women in law, or she is a young legal professional who has shattered the glass ceiling in her field. This includes new working methods where “business as usual” has failed and innovative “out-of-the-box” solutions have succeeded.

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Justitia Awards 2022

Election Committee 2023

The distinguished Justitia Laureates’ Election Committee reviews each nomination for the Justitia Awards, shortlists the finalists, and elects the laureates of each category.

Marisa Sandra Aizenberg

Marisa Sandra Aizenberg is a Justitia Award laureate, she graduated from Buenos Aires University with a specialization in Health Law. She is the founder and Academic Director of the Health Observatory of the School of Law at UBA and the first woman in Argentina to lead legal and ethical studies in digital health.

Jarpa Dawuni

Jarpa Dawuni is a Justitia Award Laureate, an internationally renowned scholar, researcher, and qualified Barrister-at-Law. She is the founder and executive director of the “Institute for African Women in Law”, and the recipient of the President Obama White House Presidential Award.

Susanne Kalss

Susanne Kalss is a professor of business law at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna. The founder of the “Austrian Supervisory Board Day” (Aufsichtsratstag) and the “Austrian Family Business Day” (Familienunternehmertag) is also a Justitia Award Laureate.

Carmen Thornton

Carmen Thornton founded her own law firm as a young mother. She was one of the first lawyers in Austria to extensively use social media for marketing, acquisition, and PR, gaining over 17,000 followers on Instagram. She is a prolific columnist and speaker. Carmen is also one of our Justitia Award Laureates.

Brigitte Bierlein

Brigitte Bierlein is a Justitia Award Laureate, she was the first female President of the Austrian Constitutional Court. In 2019, she was appointed as Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria – the first woman in Austria’s history to hold this office

Lukas Flener

Lukas Flener is a Partner at Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner Rechtsanwälte. He has over 20 years of experience as a lawyer and worked for the Austrian Cartel Court and international law firms in Vienna, Brussels and London.

Andrew Leck

Andrew Leck is the CEO at MSI Global Alliance – a silver sponsor of the Women in Law Initiative. He coordinates the strategy set by the Board of Directors of MSI, a leading global association of independent legal and accounting firms. Andrew has several years of experience in leadership positions.

Nida Usman Chaudhary

Nida Usman Chaudhary writes for national and international publications, advises on gender and children’s rights and teaches corporate law from a business and human rights perspective. The Justitia Award Laureate also founded the Women in Law Initiative in Pakistan.

Christina Blacklaws

As President of The Law Society of England and Wales, Christina developed a lead program for women in leadership positions in the legal field. Today, she runs her own consultancy business and is an award-winning published author. She is also one of our Justitia Award Laureates.

Alix Frank-Thomasser

Alix Frank-Thomasser is a senior partner of Alix Frank Rechtsanwälte GmbH – a gold sponsor of the Women in Law Initiative. She co-founded the Women in Law Initiative five years ago. She is a successful business lawyer, published author, co-founder of the EuréseaU network, and chair of the CSR Committee of CCBE, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe.

Elisabeth Zoi Lendway

Elisabeth Zoi Lendway is a contracts Mmanager at Airbus Defence and Space GmbH in Germany and a Justitia Award laureate. She is a mentor to young professionals and also takes care of and advocates for children on the Autism-Spectrum.

Rupert Wolff

Rupert Wolff is not only a prolific lawyer but also a certified court interpreter for the Italian language. He was elected President of the Austrian Bar in 2011 – a prestigious position he still holds today.

Michaela Clicque

Michaela Clicque is a legal counsel for UEFA’s Statutory and Regulatory Unit, where she takes the lead in all regulatory-related matters. Michaela is a Justitia Award Laureate. Jointly with FIFA, she provides legal advice on the revision process of the statutes of the national associations affiliated to UEFA.

Omnia Gadalla

Omnia Gadalla, a Justitia Award Laureate founded the “Her Honor Setting The Bar Initiative”, which fights gender-based discrimination in the Egyptian legal industry. She has filed suits against the Egyptian President, Minister of Justice and head of the state council. She teaches at Al-Azhar University, where she mentors female students.

Ilse Reiter-Zatloukal

Ilse Reiter-Zatloukal is an accomplished researcher and beloved lecturer at the Department for Legal and Constitutional History at the University of Vienna School of Law. As Vice-Chair of the Senate of the University of Vienna, she holds one of the highest positions at the University and is a Justitia Award Laureate as well.

Raffaela Zillner

Raffaela Zillner is a trained lawyer. She currently serves as general secretary at the Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling and is thus one of the few women in such a prominent leadership position in her industry.

Justitia Awards 2023

The Awards Ceremony will take place in Vienna, on September 15, 2023, during the Fourth International Women in Law Conference.