The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Track 2 – New work – tech, platforms, and AI – workshop

Sep 15, 2023
11:40 am-12:40 pm
Auditorium 13

Track 2 – New work – tech, platforms, and AI – workshop

“New Work” is a ubiquitous concept, which encompasses both technological advances (through the explosion of Legal Tech tools and AI) but also shifts in workers’ mindsets and workplace structures (through alternative work arrangements, agile/flexible work and talent economy platforms). What roles have women played in the recent past in redefining what work means in the legal field and what are the opportunities for women to continue to shape the future of the legal profession?


During this workshops, participants can choose to take part in different discussion and activity groups to explore the many different facets of “New Work”:


  • Never heard of ChatGPT or never dared to see what ChatGPT could do for you? –>  Take a seat at the “ChatGPT for the novices (and/or the scared)” table to learn about some basics!
  • Are you an AI enthusiast, who uses (or would like to use) ChatGPT on a regular basis? –> Share your experience and thoughts in the “Artificial Intelligence = Intelligent Effort” discussion group!
  • Is your law firm using the right Legal Tech tools to maximize both work-product output and attorney happiness? Is that even possible?! –> Come and hear what trailblazing, women-owned Legal Tech companies have to offer!
  • 3+ years after the initial Corona office shut-downs, what are your (and your employer’s) expectations towards remote work, and agile/flexible work more generally ?  –> Share experiences and perform mini-benchmarks in the “9-5 cubicle, no more!” discussion group!
  • And so much more….


The workshop will conclude with an in plenum discussion of lessons learned and ideas for women-led initiatives aimed a creating a “Brave New Work”!