The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 15 - 17, 2022

Isabel Boaten

Managing Partner | AB & DAVID

Isabel Boaten

Managing Partner | AB & DAVID
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Isabel Boaten, Managing Partner of AB & David Ghana believes in the dynamism of female leadership. My journey at AB & David begun over 2 decades ago – from Junior Associate to one of the few female Managing Partners in Ghana. There is so much that my “womaness” brings to the table. It is so liberating to embrace and lead in line with my femininity and my personality. I love the authenticity and trust that it engenders. I consider it a duty to encourage women to shine and be the best visions of themselves.


In spite of the historic shift in the last couple of years, law practice in many respects still remains largely patriarchal. For most women, our socialization has made us almost apologetic about pursuing, asking for and even accepting opportunities. We are constrained both within and without from pushing past societal boundaries, and often times family responsibility to take our place as women in law. I have come to learn over the years, that one of the most potent antidotes to inequality is to be good at what you do, speak up and leverage on the capacity and successes of female lawyers and male allies in and outside the legal profession. That’s why the Women In Law Initiative presents an excellent platform to pursue this.

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Track 4 – Remaining at the top

Sep 16, 2022
1:40 pm - 3:05 pm