The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Katja Radlgruber

Career & Leadership Coach for Women

Katja Radlgruber

Career & Leadership Coach for Women
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Katja Radlgruber (née Schuh) is a career & leadership coach for women and will take a total of 2,000 women to the next career level by 2022. She is a sought-after diversity expert in companies and a female empowerment speaker. In her coaching sessions, she helps women find their long-term career purpose and show their potential to the outside world. She is also the founder of Business Frauen DACH and has been responsible for major events such as lunchBREAK THE PATTERN. On her channels and in her column in Der Brutkasten, women find inspiration, guidance and courage for a life with great career ambitions. So that, as she says, the world becomes a better place.


The legal industry as it is currently structured does not do justice to the understanding of modern work and also to the work-life balance. Patriarchal structures that are exclusively focused on the profession leave little room for innovation. Women are still seen here as „the second sex“, as Simone de Beauvoir put it. It cannot be that in the 21st century whole professions are still as male-dominated as the legal field. Although so many talented female lawyers are being trained, their way to the top is blocked. I would like to make a contribution to ensuring that women and their talents are more appreciated.


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Track 4 – Remaining at the top – workshop

Sep 16, 2022
3:20 pm – 4:20 pm
Auditorium 12 (SR12)