The Women in Law Conference | online | September 9 – 11, 2021

Mirella Visser

Managing Director | The Centre for Inclusive Leadership

Mirella Visser

Managing Director | The Centre for Inclusive Leadership


Mirella started her career at ING Group and KPMG, where she held international leadership positions. She was Regional Director South-East Asia for ING, based in Hong Kong. In 2004 she founded the Centre for Inclusive Leadership, aimed at developing inclusive leadership styles in international organizations.

She is the author of management books on leadership (The Female Leadership Paradox) and founder of several international business women’s networks. Nominated for title of European of the Year 2007 for promoting professional progress of women in Europe. Currently chairing the Board of KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation and PSI – Europe, vice-chair of supervisory board MPD (pension delivery organisations). Appointed by Royal Decree as member of the European Integration Committee of the Advisory Council on International Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).  Strategic advisor of the Dutch Women’s Council.


The persistent underrepresentation of women at the top levels of the profession potentially leads to a lower quality of decision making. All perspectives need to be taken into account in order to come to well-rounded high quality decisions. Therefore, extra efforts are needed at societal level (legislation like quotas), at organisational level (company’s programs) and at individual level (supporting women’s development). Women’s organisations play a crucial role in raising awareness and promoting professional progress of women.

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Track 5 – reaching the top

Sep 10, 2021
1:40 pm-3:05 pm