The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Sophie Natlacen

Judge Candidate

Sophie Natlacen

Judge Candidate


Sophie Natlacen has worked as a Pre-doc Assistant at WU Vienna in the field of company, corporation, and capital markets law for the past five years. At the same time, she specialised in the field of diversity management as part of her business studies degree, which also led her to look into the topic of gender studies from an academic point of view. In June 2022, she successfully completed her doctoral studies.


When observing contributions to literature, (academic) events, and even podcasts in the field of law, or when looking at lawyers, supreme court judges, or university staff, it is clear that these spaces are largely dominated by men. This contrasts sharply with the proportionally high number of women who successfully earn degrees in this field, which means more effort is needed to ensure that women have equal opportunities. Additionally, I aspire to work in an environment that is defined by the equality of all genders. To me, an enabling, inclusive, and egalitarian environment is a prerequisite for completing one’s best work. As a result, I would like to contribute to raising awareness and improving the conditions for women in law and therefore seek to support important initiatives such as Women in Law.

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Young voices panel

Sep 15, 2022
3:15 pm - 4:25 pm