The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Track 2: Successful Legal Professions 2030+

Track 2: Successful Legal Professions 2030+

Staying Successful in the Legal Professions in 2030+ by Embracing the Artificial Intelligence Wave in Law

Successful legal professions in 2030+ will require a new approach to the practice of law. As AI advances, certain jobs will inevitably be replaced. This track will offer a comprehensive understanding of what it will take to smartly embrace the artificial intelligence wave and keep up with the legal industry in a changing landscape. We will explore which legal processes might be immune to AI, which procedures must be adapted to remain competitive, and which solutions legal professionals offer, that AI cannot.


Our experts will also address the benefits of legal tech and AI. They will discuss how technologies can free up space and time for more creative, attractive, and meaningful work. They will also share ideas on how legal tech can foster equality.


We will imagine what the legal professions may look like after 2030, and how legal professionals can prepare for success in this new era. Join us and be part of the conversation on how the legal professions can thrive in the future, whilst also contributing to a better world.


  • introductory keynote
  • expert panel discussion