The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Aliza Masood Reza Naqvi

Aliza Masood Reza Naqvi

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Miss Naqvee, founder of Alif Se Insaaf, member of the Women In Law initiative Pakistan believes there is more to justice than is apparent to the eye: struggles of a first generational female lawyer in a country struggling against political instability, economic crisis and climate change; she believes the discourse on women and justice must evolve with the need of the times.

Justice was never one dimensional; policies and laws that echo misogynistic aspects of society are fatal to the notion of impartiality: the cornerstone of justice. Initiatives such as Women In Law, facilitate discourse on gender inclusivity, female representation and as a female lawyer; remind me that my unique struggles as a woman are not to be overlooked.