The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Anita Ziegerhofer

Anita Ziegerhofer



Anita Ziegerhofer, Professor of the Legal History since 2021; first female professor since the foundation of the faculty of law in Graz in 1778. Head of the Institute of the Foundations of Law and the Department of the History of Law and European Legal Develoment. Research field: History of European integration from the legal history view point; process of constitutionalism since 17th century till the present; Gender dimensions of law from middle ages to the present.

Equality between men and women is an essential prerequisite for the functioning of democracy. It is therefore all the more important that women are not only equal before and in the law, but also through the law. Women in law makes a significant contribution to making women visible in the law and thus being a driving force for social change. Women must also show more courage and self-confidence in 2024, and Women in Law also encourages this.

photo ©anitaziegerhofer