The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Anna Katharina Radschek

Anna Katharina Radschek



I am senior attorney at BRANDL TALOS with special focus on Dispute Resolution (Litigation and Arbitration) in the areas of Corporate Law & Transactions. Together with the law firm I introduced a new level of employees, Legal Managers, and formed a team that opens up new opportunities, especially for young women. They got special in-house training, development opportunities and a promotion specifically for this newly created position.

In Austria only one quarter of lawyers are female. I want to encourage young talents to take the plunge into the legal profession and make a positive impact, even though it’s not always easy. Especially networks are crucial in bringing women to the forefront and creating opportunities for mutual support. It’s important to approach things in a different way, think outside the box and stand up for your own rights to affect a positive change in the legal business.