The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Doruntina Berisha

Doruntina Berisha

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Doruntina Berisha is the Head of Legal Tech at Code Law, a company of Switzerland’s largest privately financed venture platform, where she builds cutting-edge legal tech solutions for start-ups. She uses her unique academic background in law and physics to create „out of the box“ solutions which has earned her the European Women of Legal Tech Award. Despite her age, she has become a role model for girls, pursuing careers in male dominated fields, such as physics or the venture capital sector.

Equal opportunities for women in legal professions are incredibly important to me. Gender bias, discrimination, and lack of representation in leadership positions not only affect women but also have broader implications for the legal system and society as a whole. As future lawmakers, judges, and lawyers, we have a responsibility to set an example and challenge the status quo. We cannot afford to wait another 300 years for equality. That is why I support The Women in Law Initiative.