The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Dr. Aida von Schulman


Aida is an international lawyer, specialises in sustainable leadership and law. Formerly a Political Attaché at the Embassy of Canada, she engaged in Arctic Affairs; at the Ministry of the Interior’s Legal Affairs in Finland, she aided the development of the Equality Guide Plan. Now, as VP at SwissRapide, she advances sustainability law in the Maglev rail sector, aligning her doctoral focus.Her interdisciplinary work and COP28 efforts show her drive for sustainability and advancing women in law.

In a world where law intersects with sustainability, I leverage legal principles to foster an equitable society where every voice is valued. Women’s resilience and insights, shaped by overcoming obstacles, bolster my drive to use the law for transformative, sustainable change. Our collective strength is reshaping the legal field, paving the way for an equitable future where the success of women elevates all of humanity, because when women thrive – humanity thrives.

photo ©aidavonschulman