The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Dr. Petra Leupold, LL.M. (UCLA)


Petra Leupold, Head of Litigation at VKI, co-founder/board member of noyb. Petra has a track record of profound research in consumer law and spearheads projects to ensure procedural justice and access to justice for all. As head of litigation of Austria’s most important consumer organization she is shaping the landscape of collective redress, both at a national and EU-level; by building a digital rights-NPO from scratch she helps consumers navigate the challenges of the digital transition.

Equal opportunities for women in law are essential for a fair, just and equal society. I’m committed to improving the situation of women in law because diversity in the legal profession is crucial to better outcomes for all. Initiatives like women in law are vital for fostering support, empowerment and visibility of women’s achievements, ultimately driving progress towards gender equality in the legal field and society as a whole.

photo © Severin Wurnig