The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Eduarda Moraes Chacon Rosas


Eduarda, as a neurodivergent scholar, has devoted nearly a decade to explore the relationship between law and technology. Despite grappling with the unique challenges posed by her neurodivergence, she believes steadfastly that her dedication to academy will make a difference. Furthermore, she is deeply committed to try to inspire and empower women, mothers, and neurodivergent scholars to overcome the obstacles imposed by their conditions and fight for their beliefs and aspirations.

Women are entitled to the same opportunities as men in the legal profession; that is not up for debate. But among women themselves, there are those who face discrimination for additional reasons, such as motherhood, health issues, or psychological conditions. Neurodivergent women are a minority within a minority. To make a point before society, we must provide a platform for these women who may have autism, dyslexia, high abilities, or ADHD, yet are capable of extraordinary achievements.

photo ©eduardamoraeschaconrosas