The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Eki Omorogbe


Eki Yemisi Omorogbe, Lecturer, University of Leicester, founded the International Law and Policy in Africa Network (ILPAN), a global research group for information exchange and collaborative projects. Eki, a Black woman, inspires students through representation and decolonising the curriculum to include marginalised voices. In her research, she uses law for societal benefit during armed conflicts. Her work with Nigerian civil society groups have promoted gender equality and the rights of women.

As an academic, I know that women outnumber men in law schools yet face progression issues (only 1 of the 12 UK Supreme Court Judges is a woman and there has never been a Black Supreme Court Judge). I am interested in finding ways to address these challenges for students and litigants’ benefit. The Women in Law Initiative promotes equal opportunities, provides spaces for networking and celebrates the achievements and impact of women, giving a boost in the face of continuing obstacles.

photo ©ekiomorogbe