The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Jannat Ali Kalyar

Jannat Ali Kalyar

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Jannat Ali Kalyar is a renowned digital rights activist and lawyer in Pakistan. She is a Partner at Indus Law Advocates and Policy Consultants, known for her tireless work in litigation, advocacy, and research to safeguard digital rights. Jannat’s notable accomplishments include providing pro-bono legal representation to women seeking justice, earning accolades for her contributions as a leading lawyer and activist. She also serves as the Data Protection Legal Expert at a leading telecom company.

With only 12% of lawyers in Pakistan being women, and even fewer in leadership roles in bar associations, women continue to face barriers in decision-making and in contributing diverse perspectives. The absence of affirmative measures, coupled with obstacles like a hostile environment and limited resources, exacerbates challenges for women pursuing careers in law. Recognizing these inequities, I am resolute in promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities for women in law in Pakistan.