The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Jill Greenfield


Jill Greenfield is Head of Serious Injury at Fieldfisher. With a fixed moral compass, Jill currently represents victims of a number of high profile abusers having represented the UK victims of Harvey Weinstein & Jeffrey Epstein and many others. She is passionate and focussed on women’s rights and is now working within the Film, TV and Music industry in order to stamp out abuse by the innovative development of an Independent Standards Authority.

The recognition and empowerment that the Women In Law Initiative gives to women is exceptional. The law is a tool for good and by enabling women to enter and remain in the legal profession, connecting with others, we undoubtedly improve the position of women as a whole. No one individual can change perceptions, but working together as a force for good and using law effectively, women are able to challenge gender disparity and seek justice for all.

photo ©jillgreenfield