The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Kamila Kurkowska


Kamila Kurkowska is an International expert in innovation, communication, marketing, diversity and new technologies in the legal industry. University teacher of „LegalTech and Innovation in the Legal Industry“ at SWPS University and „Legal Design Thinking“. President and founder of the Women in Law Foundation. Speaker and lecturer at trainings for the bars of attorneys. Mentor for women lawyers. She has many years of experience gained at Deloitte, Harvard Business Review and RSM Poland. Founder and partner in two startups Legaltech. Ambassador for Poland of the European Legal Tech Association (2020-22), nominated for the European Women in Legal Tech award, mentor and judge at the Global Legal Hackathon 2020-24 and Hack4Law. A graduate of Harvard Law School and Stanford University in California.

My goal is to change the status quo in the legal industry. My activities aim to integrate the legal community through the exchange of knowledge and good practices. I work to create diversity strategies and acquire new skills necessary to succeed in the new reality. I support female lawyers in their development, building their personal brand, advising them on how to be leaders, manage a team and how to build legal businesses.

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Track 2: Successful Legal Professions 2030+ | workshop

Sep 13, 2024
11:40 am-12:40 pm
Auditorium 13