The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Kumm Sabba Mirza


Dr. Kumm Sabba Mirza , founder and CEO of My Law Story – a media production house that focuses on equality, diversity and well-being in the field of law. Dr. Mirza loves to share legal knowledge through visuals mediums and as filmmaker she has inter alia produced the documentaries and webseries on honour crimes and global legal history. This year her documentary ‚Female Lawyers Shaping Equality‘ and a documentary on anti-rape legislation in Denmark will hit the cinemas.

The unequal opportunities for women are producing low mental health to an extend that many of the women are considering to leave the field. The loss will be enormous, if women in law start an exit journey due to discriminatory environments. I want to prevent this exit and that is why I have committed myself through filmmaking to make a change. Women in Law Initiative is important because it is able to bring together female talent and strengthen the position of women in law.

photo ©kummsabbamirza