The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Lauren Kohn


Lauren Kohn is a legal game-changer & pioneer who at just 41, has fundamentally contributed to reforming the legal landscape in SA through her work as a legal scholar, attorney, founder of www.SALegalAdvice.co.za and (co)founder of https://www.kohncachalialegal.co.za/. She is a champion of her fellow women, a mentor to many & a mother of 4.

I spoke at the WiL 2023 Conference and saw first-hand why this initiative is so important – it is all substance, not a mere matter of form. It provides a platform for a multitude of incredible women to come together, share experiences and ideas and in so doing, elevate one another. WiL deepens connections between the women change-makers of this world and in so doing, encourages other women to step up and be the change-makers they were born to be.

photo ©laurenkohn