The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Mahdis Gharaei

Co-Founder & Co-CEO | the female factor

Mahdis Gharaei

Co-Founder & Co-CEO | the female factor
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Mahdis Gharaei is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of the female factor, a global career and HR platform connecting female talents with inclusive companies, active in 75 countries. Before starting the female factor, Mahdis served as one of the youngest and only female general managers of an international airline in Austria and Germany for over 7 years and led cross-border projects and teams in the Middle East, Europe and the US. She co-founded her first business at age 23 and also served in leadership roles at non-profit organisations such as the World Affairs Council.

Women want to lead. That’s a fact and there’s an incredible pool of female talent that is still not being recognized by organizations and leadership teams. It’s time to finally fix our “systems” and go away from the approach of “fixing women” in the world of work.

photo © Goldenhour Pictures, Florentina Olareanu

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Track 4 – Remaining at the top

Sep 16, 2022
1:40 pm - 3:05 pm
Auditorium 12 (SR12)