The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Martina Ernst


Martina is an experienced international manager, entrepreneur, networker, and a proven expert for Fair & Equal Pay – and stands for close professional networking among women believing in the power of female solidarity. Thanks to her track record as head of HR in the financial industry and as managing director CSE Europe in the service industry Martina founded her own businesses accompanying companies on their way to fair and equal pay and leading the People & Culture Management Course at the WU Executive Academy (University of Economics, Vienna). Martina also consults professionals to get the salary and career they deserve.

Promoting gender equality for all women is crucial, and there are several reasons why I am committed to this cause: 1. Effects of Diversity and Inclusion on Engagement and Productivity: A diverse workforce and an inclusive corporate culture assure better decisions, more innovative solutions and guarantee a more engaged workforce and higher productivity. 2. Leveraging Talent: Women constitute a significant portion of law students. It’s essential to harness their full potential and provide opportunities for them in leadership positions. 3. Justice and Fairness: Everyone should have equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, or background. Women in senior roles in the legal professions will have a huge impact on the legal system. The Women in Law Initiative is significant because it: • Raises Awareness: to the challenges faced by women • Fosters Creative Solutions: through exchange, training and role models • Empowers Women: to take on leadership roles and drive change

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Unlocking Equal Pay

Sep 12, 2024
4:40 pm - 6:00 pm