The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Mavra Ghaznavi

Mavra Ghaznavi

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Mavra Ghaznavi is a Pakistani lawyer and consultant who has made significant contributions to social justice. She is the Legal & Compliance Lead at Bridgelinx, a tech start-up working in the male-dominated logistics industry of Pakistan. She has previously advised on GBV, child marriage, medico-legal reform, and police. In 2021, she successfully advocated for a ban on virginity testing in Pakistan. Mavra’s career and accomplishments showcase her commitment to feminist values and social justice.

I believe that women’s participation in the legal profession is critical for the advancement of gender equality and social justice. I see the Women in Law Initiative as an opportunity to amplify women’s voices and perspectives, challenge systemic biases, and create more inclusive legal systems. I am personally committed to mentoring and supporting women lawyers to overcome the barriers they face and contributing to a more equitable legal landscape.