The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Niamh Leinwather

Niamh Leinwather


Niamh Leinwather, Secretary General of VIAC; Niamh is dedicated to improving gender parity in arbitrator appointments and giving young female practitioners opportunities to showcase their talent. Through the VIAC CAN initiative, Niamh has shined the light on a lot of young talent in CEE / SEE.

Initiatives like Women in Law are essential to promote diversity in every aspect of the legal profession whether it is in the courts, in law firms or in specific sectors such as arbitration. Women’s participaton in every aspect of society adds value, it enriches the quality of arguments delivered, of evidence analysed, of deliberations made and of decisions rendered. I believe that the profession can only benefit from improving the standards of justice in all areas of law.

photo ©niamhleinwather