The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Shirin Ghazanfari


Shirin Ghazanfari is a university assistant and PhD student at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology at the University of Vienna, specialising in Criminal Procedural Law and IT-investigations. She has been giving legal advice to several stakeholders in Law to advance crucial legal development in Criminal Procedural Law regarding new technology. She was awarded with two Students‘ Teaching Awards for her efforts in teaching: „Digitalisation Professional“ and „Most Exciting Lecturer“.

It is the purpose of a legal system to provide the basis for justice and societal peace. History teaches us that social power is crucial in shaping the system. As the modern society continues to become more inclusive and to grant equal rights to the previously marginalized and uninvolved parts of the populace, the latter need to participate. Therefore, we must encourage women and support their development not only in their role as legal subjects, but as active contributors in legal development.