The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Susan Cox

Owner/Consultant | Susan Cox Consulting

Susan Cox

Owner/Consultant | Susan Cox Consulting


I am an experienced senior executive and former lawyer with strengths in strategic human resource management, business structure, practice development and operational management. I work with legal firms and professional member-based organisations in the legal industry, in a consulting capacity with a focus on people and cultural reviews. I also facilitate HR and Leadership workshops for the College of Law Australia.

Having worked in people-based roles in law firms, and associated organisations for more than 35 years, I have seen firsthand the shift of the gender balance, through universities, and into law firms. What is yet to be seen, is the result of the fact that over 50% of law graduates now are women – it will be pleasing to ultimately see this translate to the number of female partners in law firms, and then to equity. For women in law firms to get to this point of gender balance at an equity partner level, they will continue to need the support of organisations such as Women in Law, for networking, mentoring and other professional development opportunities, to give them the confidence to succeed.

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Track 4 – Intergenerational career planning

Sep 15, 2023
1:40 pm - 3:05 pm
Auditorium 13