The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Tasneem Kausar

Tasneem Kausar



Tasneem Kausar is a professor of law and jurisprudence, with an impressive array of academic and professional credentials. She is currently the Principal of the Pakistan College of Law, where she also serves as Director of the PCLRP-Lahore program. Her areas of teaching and research include constitutional law and jurisprudence, political history, gender and law, criminal laws and theory with a comparative law perspective.

Equal opportunities for women in legal professions are essential for achieving a just and equitable society. Women bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and skills to the legal profession, which enhances the quality of legal services and decision-making. By promoting and supporting women in law, organizations like The Women in Law Initiative can ensure that our legal system reflects and serves the needs of all members of society.