The Women in Law Conference | Vienna | September 12-14, 2024

Zeenat Muhib


Zeenat Muhib Kakakhel, Partner in Kakakhel Law Associates, founder of Article 30(a local NGO). She has taught at many Colleges and Universities. In contrast to the rote system of learning, Zeenat looks for a better understanding of the subjects and the profession. She introduced practical legal knowledge for students to learn from and prepare, developing their interest and understanding to inspire female students to pursue legal profession thus bringing gender equality in legal arena.

I believe any opportunity to young women to join legal profession could be like giving an unheard voice or an oppressed woman/person in our society a voice. She might be someone’s hope to seek justice in a comfortable way, free from further torture or trauma. Organizations like The Women in Law works like a light house for law students or any girl who might be wanting to pursue this profession to see that women lawyers do exist and they can find their role model to follow their footsteps.